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Music Theory Memorization

Computer Based Music Theory Training

MISSION:The mission of Sliding9software is to create innovative products that help students learn music and expand their creativity through human computer interaction.

VISION: Our products are computer algorithm based lessons and exercises that help students learn by offering sound, repetition and variation of exercises that is not available in printed material. This provides students with a creative learning environment where they can experiment with music theory and develop their own musical style.


What we offer

Music Theory

Learn music and improve your memory

Guitar Practice

Targeted exercises to learn musical patterns on the guitar

Ear Training

Learn how to recognize musical patterns by sound

Interactive Jam Session

Learn how to improvise in different musical contexts


Can replace thousands of dollars in music lessons and expensive equipment

Learn At Your Own Pace

Practice what you want, when you want and as much as you want

Our Products

Choose Your Own Musical Path

Music Theory Memorization Game

Master Major, Natural Minor and Harmonic Minor Scales

Master Chord Construction and Progressions

Ear Training

Guitar Fretboard Patterns

Jam Session


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