Anyone Can Learn Music!

Music is a universal language and we all have the natural ability to learn and play music just like we are able to speak and communicate using human language. Additionally listening to and playing music can be one of the most enjoyable activities we have. Do you know anyone who doesn't like music. There are many studies that show how music activates the brain and nervous system. Listening to and playing music can be a form of meditation. It helps to improve your mood and reduce stress. The only reason every one of us are not great at playing music is simply because it is not taught to us at an early age the way we are taught to speak and communicate. Teaching music to your children will help enhance their brain function setting them up for long term happiness and academic success. When you learn music and get your children involved as well you will create a great family activity that is beneficial for all. Get started playing music right away.

The Music Theory Brain Game teaches music theory patterns and offers exercises designed improve your memory and speed up recall.