Why I created this program

I got a late start and began playing guitar when I was 36 years old. I purchased many books on guitar and music theory. I learned the basics and was able to play simple songs very quickly. After I finished my first guitar book my progress slowed down and I found the more advanced material difficult to follow. I watched many youtube video lessons, purchased DVD's and looked up tablature on the internet. Each of those resources were helpful in their own way and I learned how to play and sing hundreds of songs. Over the course of 10 years I became a pretty good musician. Still there were some rather large holes in my knowledge. Even though I could play hundreds of songs, I had no idea why certain chords were played together. I couldn't really tell you which key any of the songs were played in and I was pretty clueless how to improvise and solo and I didn't know how certain chords were constructed. I made a concerted effort to learn music theory so that I could be a better musician. What I found was that music theory is rather simple. The formulas for scales, chords and chord progressions are not difficult but it is a lot of rather boring memorization. I decided to use my background as a software engineer to create a brain game that makes the memorization of scales, chords and chord progressions organized and fun. Later I created an ear training module that helps the student recognize the formulas by sound. I also created the Jam Session module so that the student can practice soloing and jamming in a musical setting. It really is a fun way to learn music and you will not have any holes in your knowledge when you are finished. I designed the program I wish I had when I first started and I hope you enjoy it.

The Music Theory Brain Game teaches music theory patterns and offers exercises designed improve your memory and speed up recall.