Learn Music Without Reading Notes!

Learning to read and play music with musical notation is an incredibly useful skill. You can purchase your favorite music and play it right off of the page. The symbols in the music notation tell you exactly which notes to play and how long to play them. It is recommended that you learn how to read music notation because this will help you advance. You might write a melody one day and you would like to write it down so you don't forget. In this instance that ability to read and write music notation will help you. Nevertheless, many students find reading music notation tedious and boring. Even though it is recommended to learn to read music notation, it is not strictly necessary and I know many very good musicians who don't read music. You can learn, memorize and play scales, chords and harmony patterns on your instrument without knowing the notation. This is just like people who can communicate without reading and writing. The music theory brain game does have exercises that help with sight reading and music notation, but mostly it is designed to teach musical patterns that enable you to create and play music without music notation.

The Music Theory Brain Game teaches music theory patterns and offers exercises designed improve your memory and speed up recall.