How To Study and Practice Music

Rule #1: Always have fun! Rule #2: Always have fun! If you are not having fun while you are playing music then you are doing it wrong. Sometimes it may feel like work when you are trying to learn a new skill but overall the feeling of learning and advancing on a daily basis should be an enjoyable experience. One of the questions that students frequently ask is, "What should I practice?". There are a few different areas that you can choose to practice at any moment. You can practice new songs, you can practice scales, learn new chords or work on picking exercises. The old cliche of practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect is especially true for music. Without an organized and complete curricula it is possible to play and study for many many years and still have holes in your knowledge. The skills you need to be a complete musician are divided between mental skills and physical skills. When you learn music theory patterns you are learning WHAT to play. After you memorize these patterns you can learn HOW to play it on your instrument. At this time you work on developing the physical skill to play your instrument. By going back and forth advancing your mental skills and your physical skills you will constantly advance your knowledge and skill to the point where you know WHAT to play and HOW to play it. Then you will be able to just play!

The Music Theory Brain Game teaches music theory patterns and offers exercises designed improve your memory and speed up recall.