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Step Two: Download and Install the Program

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Program Overview: The four pillars of learning music

This program emphasizes four skills of learning to play music:
1) Music Theory Memorization: Once you learn musical patterns you can repeat them and come up with your own variations
2) Instrument Practice: After you memorize some patterns, you can learn HOW to play them on your chosen instrument
3) Jam Session: Jam out and practice playing in different musical contexts
4) Ear Training: Learn to recognize and REPEAT different musical patterns by their sound

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Pillar 1: Music Theory Memorization Game

This module has lessons that teach Scales, Chords and Chord Progressions.
In addition to lessons there are many interactive games that help you memorize and internalize the theory.
This is a critical step, once the patterns are burned into your brain you will be able to start putting them
to practice by creating your own songs and jamming with your band.

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Pillar Two: Instrument Mastery For Guitar

This module gives you a guided tour of the guitar fretboard and shows you all of
places where you can play the scales and chords up and down the fretboard

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Pillar Three: Get Your Practice With a Jam Session

This is where the real fun happens! Enjoy practicing with your own virtual band.
Start slowly by playing simple progressions at a slow tempo. As you gain skill you can make it as
fast and complex as you can handle. Imagine how you feel as your confidence and skill grows because
you know that you can jam out in any key at any time.

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Pillar Four: Ear Training

Train your ear to learn to hear different chords and chord progressions.
This will help you to figure out the patterns of songs you hear as well as help you to
improvise with your band. By training your ear you will be able improvise in different musical settings.

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