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Simple Song 001: Key C Major using chord tones only

Music Composition Description:

This song is written in the Key of C and follows a I-vi-IV-V progression. The C scale contains the notes C - D - E - F - G - A - B. The I Chord = C Major; vi Chord = Am; IV Chord = F Major; V Chord = G Major; The song contains four tracks and the only notes used are selected from chord tones. Drum Track: Just a stock drum beat from Garage Band. Sounds good and is easy to create. Bass Track: Heavy Synth bass from Garage Band. This provides a steady pulse of root notes for each chord. Classic Electric Piano: A simple melody selected only from chord tones. Focus on the third and fifth tone of each chord. This instrument implements a simple rhythmic motif which is repeated. Saxophone: This part adds some additional harmony by playing chord tones with a focus on the third. By limiting our choices to chord tones only we learn how easy it is to create harmony and understand the concept of tonality.

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